So I turned thirty this month. Craziness. To celebrate we are hosting a little backyard movie night inspired by this post. Lord willing & the creek don’t rise, of course! I’ll come back with images of my own interpretation of a backyard movie night. Cheers!

7df97c80bbe7d14424571537100e7983UPDATE::::: It turned out to be a crazy night & I didn’t get a single picture. I will say it was a total success even if the backyard was flooded causing us to watch the movie in the driveway. I wanted to share a few links that made this party a success!

Move Source: Redbox 🙂 We watched ‘Bad Grandpa’ & everyone loved it since it was all adults.

Projector Rental (amazing service): HERE

Food: We popped 5 different flavors of popcorn, grilled hot dogs that were served with all the ‘fixins’, ate movie theater candy & drank beer. Amazing combination!

Seating: Lawn chairs & our marine bean bags (like these: THESE )

Inspirational blog posts:

I’m seriously thinking of doing this again with a different movie either later this summer or next year for my birthday again! Perhaps this time I’ll actually have the time to get as crafty as I would like to?!




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